Top Five Memory Apps that Help Improve Brain Function in Seniors

Top Five Memory Apps that Help Improve Brain Function in Seniors

Doctors, scientists, and senior citizens agree that playing memory games or using memory exercises not only helps improve brain function in seniors, but it also helps ward off certain areas of dementia. There are more ways than ever before to challenge senior’s memory ability.  Enlisting the help of  Nurturecare to refer a trained caregiver can be very beneficial to the use of a particular app.

With today’s technology, apps provide a fun and convenient way to increase the brain’s stamina. It is more than just matching up cards laid out in rows. These are the best of the best apps, and while there are more available, these are the ones that many seniors find helpful and engaging.

  • My Personal Memory Trainer is top rated among memory apps. It helps with spatial memory skills and concentration. Some of the things included puzzles, and memorizing, recalling patterns and numbers. It also monitors personal progress to give you the chance to see how well you are doing each time you login. At the present time, this app is only for Android users.
  • Brainscape is for Apple iPad or iPhone users. This app not only helps with memory skills, it also assists with streamlining thought processes. It lets users pick out the way they wish to study and learn new material. It allows users to create their own flashcards to study a certain specific subject they have an interest in. It recognizes that not everyone learns the same way, so it lets users adjust how they wish to proceed.
  • Brain Workout, another Android app, calls itself “The Best Free Addictive Games Brain Game Factory Puzzle” It is a fun escape that lets players use a variety of methods to sharpen brain function. The games analyze memory, concentration, reaction, and accuracy ability. Users can track their performance. It’s also keeps track so users can see how much their scores have increased over time. Seniors find this is also a wonderful way to have fun by comparing their scores with those of their friends.
  • Fit Brain is made by the wonderful folks at Rosetta Stone. It is an iPad and iPhone app, and is one of the most popular and easiest to use, which can be a blessing for those seniors that are not very familiar with technology. With over

360 games and training sessions, players will never run out of things to do. It does cost $9.99, but users can try the app free. This app is well worth the money and receives rave reviews from users.

  • Fruits Memory Game is pretty much just what it sounds like; you pick and match cards in pairs. It is an Android game and is a multiplayer game, so users can play and have friendly competition with pals. The game keeps track of the cards turned over. This particular game is usually played on the computer as opposed to on a smaller device, but a tablet can work well too.

When seniors begin to stimulate their brain through certain activities it not only helps improve cognitive skills, but also can make a big difference in the overall quality of life. Once downloaded and shown how these apps work, seniors can enjoy time spent playing, while improving memory function at the same time. A benefit to contacting Nurturecare is that the caregiver can encourage and participate with the senior to use the particular app.