I think you probably know that my father, JD, passed away in December.  James, part of your NurtureCare team, worked with Dad for a year, and treated him very well.  James really cared for Dad.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your agency and everyone we worked with at NurtureCare for everything they do.   Honestly, in December 2018 you guys literally saved my life.  I was having a crisis as the agency we had been using suddenly started requiring that two caregivers be there for Dad, and we weren’t able to do that.  We were losing caregivers and mobility.  I felt very alone and out of my league.  You and your head nurse (I’m sorry, her name is escaping me at the moment) generously gave me your time and advice to talk me through our options and ultimately enough confidence and insight to move forward with becoming an employer of a private caregiver.  I would never have done it without you, and Sam wouldn’t have been able to be with Dad for an entire full additional year of adventures had you not helped me.  And you gave us additional options with James and others.   Your calm advice and kindness meant the world to me at a time when we were dealing with so much.  And it was all without expectation of anything in return.
You may think I’m exaggerating but I am not and I hope my words remind you that what you do is important.  It literally saves lives.  I wish you all much success and happiness.  And rest assured, your agencies will be the first I recommend to anyone I know in need of such services, including Mom.
Wishing you the best in 2020.