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Our hallmark is in screening and referring to clients the highest caliber caregivers in the marketplace. We specialize in referring caregivers who are experienced, responsible, qualified and compassionate, enabling individuals to maintain an independent and dignified lifestyle.

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Reporting client status and changes to family members and professionals

It is difficult for family members to continually monitor the health status of their loved ones if they live far away or if they work and can’t check in on them. Having a professional caregiver with the client can ensure that the client has this continual monitoring when they need it.


A caregiver can help ensure that the client avoids falls and accidents.  The caregiver can make sure that the client takes the appropriate medications at the right dosages at the appropriate times.  The Caregiver can make sure that the client eats healthy, well-balanced meals and gets assistance if they are not feeling well.

A professional caregiver will recognize the changes in the client and be able to inform the family members and medical professionals. Caregivers can also help ensure that the client is not feeling stressed or overwhelmed, monitor that they are not sleeping too much and missing meals, and help them avoid gaining or losing a lot of weight due to inactivity or a change in medications.

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