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Assistance with exercises

Maintaining an exercise routine can be a challenge as one gets older. People can be discouraged by illness, ongoing health problems, or concern about injuries or falls. A professional caregiver can provide assistance with exercise and be a motivator to encourage a daily exercise routine.

Mobility Issues

Many seniors have mobility issues. A caregiver can provide assistance and encourage a client with exercises to help with such issues. Physical activity can often help to improve one’s mood, release stress, and increase alertness.

Exercise Routine

Regular exercise can help older adults remain independent and help mitigate prevent further health issues.  The caregiver should encourage the client to do moderate exercise every day. This can include walking, resistance bands,  range of motion exercises, etc.

The best exercises for seniors:
Chair Yoga
Water Aerobics
Resistance Bands
Strength Training
The risk of falls

A big problem seniors face is the risk of falls. A fall can create a whole cascade of problems starting with a broken hip.  Regular exercise can go a long way to decrease the risk of a fall. Balance and flexibility can help the body stay limber.  Every caregiver visit should include any or all of the exercises. It is suggested that 30 minutes a day should be allotted to exercise.


Encouraging exercise is an excellent reason to have NurtureCare refer a caregiver. Part of the caregiver routine can be an ongoing exercise regime.  Walking, strength training, going to the pool, or just getting out and about.

Online resources

There are many online resources available for suggestions on exercise for the elderly. It is preferable that a trained professional e.g. a physical therapist instruct the caregiver on how how to perform the routines to avoid the possibility of injury.

Physical activity is associated with decreased mortality and age-related morbidity in older adults.  Studies have shown however that most older adults do not exercise enough.   As sometimes hard as it is to exercise, especially as we age,  it is imperative that we do so.