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Our hallmark is in screening and referring to clients the highest caliber caregivers in the marketplace. We specialize in referring caregivers who are experienced, responsible, qualified and compassionate, enabling individuals to maintain an independent and dignified lifestyle.

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Medication Reminders

Many seniors require medications be taken daily. Medications also need to be taken at certain times. Medications often also have to be taken with meals or soon thereafter. Some elderly clients have difficulty managing the task of taking the correct medications at the correct times in the correct dosage.  Sometimes a family member is not always available to assist in these tasks. A caregiver can assist the client assist with managing these tasks.

State law does not permit a caregiver to directly administer medications. A caregiver can assist in making sure that the medications are taken correctly at the correct time. The medications should be set up/dispensed from the original container. This should be done by an RN or a family member. As well as medication reminders, the caregiver can play an important role in reporting changes in the client’s health to the family. This is of vital importance to the long-term well-being of the client.

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