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Our hallmark is in screening and referring to clients the highest caliber caregivers in the marketplace. We specialize in referring caregivers who are experienced, responsible, qualified and compassionate, enabling individuals to maintain an independent and dignified lifestyle.

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Assistance with exercises

When clients have mobility issues, a referred caregiver can assist with walking, transfers, range of motion exercises, and in assisting the client in being able to get out and about. Physical activity can often help to improve mood, release stress, and increase alertness. Exercise and physical activity are good for most people, including older adults. There are four main types of exercises and each type is different:

Endurance activities increase your breathing and heart rate. Walking is a great example and the caregiver can help.
Strength exercises make your muscles stronger. Lifting weights or using a resistance band can build strength.
Balance exercises help prevent falls.
Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can help your body stay limber.

Encouraging exercises is an excellent reason to have Nurturecare refer a caregiver for the elderly in their own home.

Maintaining an exercise routine can be a challenge as you get older. People may feel discouraged by illness, ongoing health problems, or concerns about injuries or falls. A professional caregiver can be a motivator and provide confidence and assistance.

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