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Our hallmark is in screening and referring to clients the highest caliber caregivers in the marketplace. We specialize in referring caregivers who are experienced, responsible, qualified and compassionate, enabling individuals to maintain an independent and dignified lifestyle.

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Live-In Caregivers


Families seeking care for a loved one who needs round the clock oversight should consider a Live-In Caregiver. This arrangement is similar to the more commonly known “au pair” for a child. Instead of care for a child, this is care for an elder. Having a caregiver live in the home with the client can be a game changer in that all of the sudden, a competent, caring, and dedicated person is now in the home to handle all client care needs as they arise. This lifts a major weight off the shoulders of the adult children and ensures your loved one is safe and well cared for at all times.


Live-in caregivers rapidly learn the patterns, likes/dislikes, and preferences of their client and a close relationship develops. The benefits of the Live-in caregiver’s knowledge are numerous, and the list goes on and on. Families gain a liaison for communicating status changes on how Mom or Dad are doing. Communication with a Live-in caregiver is at the frequency the family is most comfortable with.


The symbiotic relationship that forms is usually long lasting. Clients who hire Live-in caregivers are generally healthy enough to stay home, but just need a bit of extra care and companionship to stay safe in their home environment. Long periods of time alone pose a safety risk to many seniors, the Live-in caregiver ensures help is never more than a few steps away. Safety and security are improved as well was eliminating the extended periods of social isolation so many seniors face. The Live-in caregiver is ever present.


Benefits are not all one-sided, as the caregiver also benefits by having a roof over their head and a steady source of income. Live-ins fulfill many of the needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy Pyramid on both sides of the equation.


Last but not least, the value of a Live-in is apparent in the costs which are only a fraction of what it would cost to have round-the-clock care staffed with hourly shift workers. The savings are real, as too are the benefits for all parties involved!


If you would like to learn more about Live-In caregivers, or are planning for the day when a Live-in is a need, please call NurtureCare at 703-525-5900 or email Info@NurtureCare.com anytime!