Live-In Care
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For seniors needing help in their home, one of the most successful ways is by having a Live-In caregiver. Nurturecare specializes in referring caregivers who are experienced, responsible, qualified, and compassionate, enabling elderly individuals to safely maintain an independent and dignified lifestyle.

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How Live-In Care Can Help

Live-In elder care is where a Caregiver will move into the clients’ house usually in a spare bedroom. The caregiver will actually live 24/7 with the client. The Live-In caregiver will typically help with cooking, cleaning as well as performing all the usual home care functions (e.g. bathing, dressing, etc.).

The big advantage of Live-In Care is the continuity of care. With hourly care, there might be many caregivers involved in the care whereas with Live-in there is typically just one. We have found that usually a long-term relationship with the client and the clients’ family is formed. There is no better option especially as a person’s care needs increase.

Live In Caregivers - Nurture Care
Live In Caregivers at Home - Nurture Care

Differences between Hourly and Live-In Care

Hourly care is a service that is billed at an agreed-upon hourly rate. Live-In care is billed at a daily rate. The daily rate for Live-In care is substantially lower than what it would be for equivalent hourly care. Typically if an elderly client requires more than 10 hours of care per day they should look at getting a live-in caregiver.

Hourly Caregivers

Typically a client that requires more help will find that there might not be continuity of care. Hourly caregivers turn over more frequently (a day shift, a night shift, weekend shifts, etc.) requiring additional training of multiple caregivers. This can sometimes confuse the elderly client.

Live-in Care

With a 24/7 Live-in caregiver, there is much greater continuity of care which can be so vital for the client and the family. The caregiver has the ability to anticipate the needs of the client, and establish a mutually beneficial daily routine.  There is better communication with the client and family. The Live-in caregiver is always home with the client so the family will always know what’s going on with the client.

Finding a Live-In Caregiver

NurtureCare has been referring Live-In caregivers to families since 1998. We evaluate and screen caregivers who are experienced as a Live-In caregivers. Live-In care can be a great fit for many families (both clients and caregivers). That is why we go to extensive lengths to identify Live-In caregivers who are competent, capable, and seeking this type of symbiotic relationship with a family.
Live In Caregivers in the Home - Nurture Care

What if the Live-In Caregiver isn’t a great match?

NurtureCare’s intake process is designed to identify the most important factors of what a client’s care needs include. We match the needs of the client with the experience and personality of the caregiver. After the first day of care, we will contact you to gather first impressions. We periodically check in to ensure everyone is satisfied and things are going well. In the unlikely event, the match is not perfect, we will work with you to identify a replacement caregiver who may be better suited to meet the care needs.