Link Between Posture and Osteoporosis

The Link Between Posture and Osteoporosis- Can Posture Save Your Health
One of the realities of aging is that bones are more susceptible to become thinner and less dense, a bone disease called osteoporosis. Thankfully, just because you are older does not mean you will get osteoporosis. Many seniors know that if they eat a diet filled with calcium and vitamin D that can prevent and treat osteoporosis. What they might not be aware of is that posture can be a major contributing factor to the possibility of developing osteoporosis.
One of the indications of osteoporosis is kyphosis, or the rounding of the back. Improving ones posture can prevent kyphosis. Correct posture brings the bones back in alignment. This is essential for people with less density in their bones, because improper posture can crush bones if the bones are weak.
Here is a link for 9 ways to improve your posture:
After you’ve improved your alignment, there are a few things you should be aware of NOT to do. Firstly, never slouch, try to avoid twisting movement that might strain your spine and be wary of exercises that put pressure on the back, such as sit- ups or crunches.
This is your body and your life, so take care of yourself! Continuing to have good posture and being aware of the early indications of osteoporosis are the first steps to reducing the risk of acquiring osteoporosis and maintaining a healthy and independent life.