The Importance of a Caregiver

As your loved one ages, elder care can become one of the most stressful, difficult and important decisions you’ve ever had to make. A good caregiver is crucial and contributes greatly to the health, longevity and happiness of the life of your loved one. Caregivers are needed for not only physical care, but also emotional care too.

Finding a caregiver is not easy. Problems arise when trying to find your own caregiver. In May 2011 the Orange County Sheriff’s Department arrested a caregiver for attempting to rape a women in her 80’s. Earlier in 2011, San Diego sheriff found a 93-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor living in rat-infested conditions and immediately arrested his caregiver.

But for every horror caregiving story, there are countless stories about empathetic and loving workers. The kind of people that allow your family member to maintain their independence and allowing them to stay at home even though their mental or physical abilities have declined.

We understand the impact caregivers can have on your loved ones and therefore takes measures to the extreme when choosing caregivers for them. We only select the best in the field and can help relieve a lot of the stress that arises when choosing a caregiver.

To ensure only excellence from the caregivers, we have numerous requirements for the Caregiver to have in order to be hired.

Caregivers must be licensed as a certified nursing assistant

We conduct:

A criminal background checks on a state and national level.

a credit check.

a dmv check

and a drug screening test

Furthermore, we verify and contact previous work references going back 5 years. But what we require that sets us apart from the rest is that each Caregiver must have at least 2 years of experience.

We understand how stressful and nerve-wracking it is to find elder care home services  for your loved one; therefore, we try our best to alleviate your worry by only providing   the best in the field provide amazing service for you and your loved one.

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