The Impact of Sun Spots

Women above the age of thirty, are becoming more cognizant of their wrinkles each year, and spend an enormous amount of money preventing those wrinkles from forming. Consumers spend a whopping $80 billion a year on anti-aging products; however, women tend to overlook the affect sun spots can have on their youthful look.
Around 63% of women older than thirty-five have sun or age spots. This discoloration, unfortunately reveals the person’s actual age and sometimes causes a person look older.
Dr. Ellen Marmur, a well-known Manhattan Dermatologist, states that “getting a clear, even skin tone without discoloration is just as important as wrinkle-fighting to achieving a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.”
Dermatologists call it hyperpigmentation. It is also known as age spots, liver spots, or sun spots. All of these names describe the same condition. The skin pigment made too much melanin, and the pouches of melanin are spread unevenly on the skin. The majority of this transpires in result of excessive sun exposure.
To treat the problem of sun spots, here are some more holistic tips:
• Wear sunscreen year-round with an SPF of 30.
• For protracted sun exposure, wear a hat.
• Use a peach-tones concealer while using products that will help slow melanin production.
• Watch out for products that bleach skin, this can cause white spots.

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