Holiday Season Senior Health

Even though, this month is considered to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” there is a higher potential for great stress, and disruption in the schedules of seniors.
Children and grandchildren are arriving, a plethora of food is being cooked, shopping must get done; this is an extremely busy time of year and a difficult time to stick to a diet or any type of dietary restriction.
Amy Fuchs, a clinical social worker and owner of The Elder Expert, discusses how adult children might not know their parent’s abilities or limits, and a chilld or relative “can anticipate that they might need help, but they might not express to you that they’ve slowerd down.” A relative should not assume their older relative’s limitations.
Here are some tips to keep in mind to help seniors stay healthy and reduce stress:
1. Keep Hydrated:
Fuchs says, “Seniors citizens, especially, need to drink plenty of fluids, as not drinking enough water could cause hospitalization.” To make staying hydrated easier, make water more accessible. Keep a water bottle in a purse or bag.
2. Follow Dietary Restrictions:
When people become stressed, they frequently eat more and stop adhering to their diets. So try to make healthier choices and healthier food for the upcoming holiday.
3. Decrease Gifts:
Some seniors are on a fixed income or on no income at all, and the holidays can become one massive financial burden. Therefore, one way to alleviate the financial stress, perhaps have a family bag, where all members of the family contribute to one gift.
4. Make Your Home Senior Friendly:
If an older relative is visiting for the holiday, make sure your home is safe.
5. Include Seniors:
Your older relatives still want to be a part of the holiday. Many seniors want to be involved in the preparations of the exciting holiday.
With some awareness and modifications, seniors can stay healthy, while still enjoying and having fun with their families during the holidays.
Happy Holidays from NurtureCare!