February is America Heart Month

 Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.  Heart disease is mainly caused by high cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking in both men and woman.  People with these issues should be aware that certain foods can exacerbate  the problem since these foods can counteract the medications that the person is taking.  Vitamins can seem like an easy way to get all the required nutrients that a body needs however certain vitamins can counteract the and interfere with medications.  Taking common over the counter pain medications should done with caution since the body can react negatively. These medications can possibly have negative effects on someone who has high blood pressure etc.    Weight loss supplements can cause problems with people with high blood pressure.  They can increase blood pressure and should only be taken with a doctors consultation.  Even certain fruits and vegetables can be dangerous under certain circumstances.  Certain green vegetables can possibly interfere with people taking blood thinners.  It goes without saying that high sodium and high fat foods can also cause a raise in blood pressure.

All foods and medications should be carefully vetted by a medical professional if a patient is taking medications for heart disease.  This includes cold medications and antibiotics too. Each can have an effect on the body.  Alcohol can have a moderate positive effect against heart disease but obviously this should be done in moderation.

Lets make February a healthy happy heart month.