Diets to Manage Your Diabetes

Around 30 million people in the U.S currently have diabetes. That equals to about 9.3% of the population. According to the American Diabetes Association in 2010, diabetes in the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. This is one reason why the U.S news takes a panel of experts in diet and nutrition to evaluate different eating plans. Below are 17 of the best.
Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet was created by Andrew Weil, a doctor in integrative medicine. This diet reflects his belief that there are foods that cause or fight systemic inflammation. The eating plan is a Mediterranean-style diet, which reserachers have said can reverse high blood pressure and blood sugar levels that can lead to diabetes. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet is mainly vegetarian, which the ADA considers a good option to prevent diabetes.


Experts state that that Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, or DASH, is a great diet to stop diabetes. This eating plan emphasizes whole grains, fruits and vegtables.
Engine 2
The Engine 2 Diet is a low-fat, diet believed to help prevent and even reverse the diseases of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Flexitarian Diet
Flexitarian is the combination of the words flexible and vegetarian. The idea of this meal plan is that you don’t have to entirely remove meat from your diet, yet you still reap the health benefits connected with vegetarianism. This diet is another great option for those worried about diabetes. Reducing meat consumption usually leads to a smaller caloric intake, and weight loss- which is essential for preventing Type 2 diabetes.


Ornish Diet
The Ornish Diet is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Research has shown that this diet plan has been found to lower AIC levels in diabetes. The Ornish Diet emphasizes whole grains and produce.


Vegan Diet
Veganism doesn’t allow animal products, dairy or eggs. A Vegan diet plan also prevents diabetes because it helps dieters to lose weight. 43% of people following veganism reduced the number of diabetes medications they were taking.


Volumetrics focuses on eating a lot of low-density food, which are low in calories but high in volume. A study seen in Diabetes Care, discovered that adults following an eating plan similar to Volumetrics had lower fasting insulin levels than those eating high- energy- dense foods.


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