The Advantages of Homecare VS an Assisted Living Community.

  As we begin to age, our functionality begins to decrease.  What used to be an easy task may not be so simple anymore.  From doing laundry to grocery shopping, what used to be a simple task has now become complicated.   One day you have to decide if it is time for you or a loved […]

When you find out you need a hip replacement  

It’s all about the quality of life. We want to play with our grandchildren, take a walk. If these life-affirming activities are painful then maybe it’s time to look at having hip replacement surgery.  Hip replacements have become almost commonplace in the United States. There are literally hundreds of thousands performed each year. This doesn’t […]

Home interior design changes to help the elderly stay safe

  With people living longer, it is only logical to make adaptions to the homes of seniors to make them more senior-friendly, to minimize the risk of an accident.  Many children in their 50’s are finding themselves in a predicament of worrying about their aging parents, and their living situations. Many seniors can live independently […]

What is the differences between Home Care and Assisted or Independent Living?

Live In Caregivers - Nurture Care

As our parents or grandparents age, we might find that a change in their living situation is necessary.  The most likely scenario is if mom falls and breaks her hip. This unfortunately is very common.  After surgery and a hospital stay, she will likely be discharged to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing center for around […]

Live-In Caregivers

  Families seeking care for a loved one who needs round the clock oversight should consider a Live-In Caregiver. This arrangement is similar to the more commonly known “au pair” for a child. Instead of care for a child, this is care for an elder. Having a caregiver live in the home with the client […]

Questions for our parents or grandparents

  It is so important to ask our parents or elderly grandparents about their lives and the history of the family.  Ask those questions now while we have still a chance. Especially with Covid-19, we might run out of time and be regretful. It is true that most people actually enjoy talking about themselves. Many […]

Housing choices for seniors in the Covid 19 era

Wherever one chooses to live,  it is imperative to follow these guidelines for living the best we can in the Covid-19 era: 1). Let go of what you can’t control. Maximize what you can control. 2). Sleep well. 3). Move often. 4). Eat real food.  Not too much. 5). Love more, talk less, listen with […]

Tips for Seniors Finding a Way Toward an Independent Future

Having to make decision about the future for all of us a difficult matter. For the elderly – even more so. Change is difficult. If you have yet to make a decision on where to live for your senior years, it might be time to get serious about planning. Many seniors struggle with the decision […]

Mental health and the elderly

  As you age, life can take some unexpected twists and turns. Some surprises are welcome, while others can lead to turmoil, anxiety, or sadness. Taking the time to evaluate your mental health will keep you healthy, as well as help you avoid a major crisis. If you think you may be suffering from depression, […]

Simple and Effective Solutions for Healthy Seniors

Sometimes, it can seem like the older you get, the more complicated life is. That can be especially true when it comes to staying healthy. However, there are some simple and effective solutions for healthy seniors, and you can get started by checking out the tips outlined below. Fitness on the Fly How much exercise […]